Inimove trains important
cognitive and physical functions.

Creates joy,
motivation and interaction.

Testimonials by professionals:

I have good experiences with the new training devices. In my clinic I have a few patients who have problems with their wrists and thumbs. These patients are instructed to move the discs of Inimove Hand around with their thumbs. It provides movements which are not pure anatomical, but are similar to every day movements.

Kirsten C. PedersenSpecialist in Hand Therapy

You can’t keep your hands off Inimove. It’s aesthetically and exquisitely designed in beautiful wood and has a very stimulating function for both weak and well-functioning hands.

Birgitte C. GammeltoftSpcialist in aquired brain injuries

From the results of the project it can be concluded that the informants find that Inimove Complex can motivate for self-training, since it contains a competing factor and can be adapted to the individual level. This study thus indicates that Inimove Complex may be used as a self-training tool and optimize rehabilitation and daily activities of the patient with stroke.

Occupational therapist Bachelor 2016

I experience that the student, when using Inimove, has better focus on what she is doing and at the same time improves her ability to maintain focus for a longer period of time

AnneliFirst grade teacher, Virum Skole

We have used Inimove Complex in a team context, and this has given a very good team dynamic. Participants have laughed a lot, of themselves, and at each other, while concentration and focus have increased. So this has worked very well. Also the competitive element comes into play; when they can, I can too….

Katja NielsenOccupational therapist

The users finds it very amusing to compete with themselves, and indeed also with others. This competitive element makes the users concentrate on the task – namely the rehabilitation – which gives the best possible effect.

Mette Dahl JohansenOccupational therapist

Inimove Complex is quite unique, as the smaller muscles can be trained, both in hand and in shoulder, in other ways not possible.

Kirsten C. Pedersen Occupational therapist and specialist in hand therapy

Inimove Complex is a really good tool for creating motivation for the participant.

Cristoffer ClausenStudent Physiotherapy

Inimove is easy to modulate. One can start in the simplest way, and then see how the user manages to make it balance. Later, when they manage, they adapt, and can increase the level of difficulty by walking around, sit down, stand on one leg etc.

Mette Dahl JohansenOccupational therapist

A wonderful training tool, which is perfect for training both the grip as well as the coordination in hand and arm. It is fun to play with, so times flies, and only when the arm gets tired, the idea of putting down the Inimove, occurs. Using Inimove stimulates concentration, which is the basis for all cognitive training.
This is a tool that I as an occupational therapist really would like to recommend.

Birgitte GammeltoftSpcialist in aquired brain injuries

Inimove Snake 16 can get even a fully trained triathlete to sweat. You can simply see all the muscles in the arm and the back is activated.

Martin VejlgaardOccupational therapist

Inimove product presents organic and living movements – unlike traditional gym equipment to work in fixed orbits. The organic movement requires more active functions and requires coordination, timing and stabilization of the small muscles around the joints. This type of training is much more transferable to everyday activities.

Christina og ThereseCenter for Education, "Motor function house"

The big kids think Inimove was really fun and they could have it without disturbance during class.

Occupational therapist, Kasper School
We can see Inimove as a training tool for children with fine motor difficulties. Fine motor difficulties are frequently caused by reduced strength, muscle endurance and stability of the shoulder, elbow and wrist.


Christina og ThereseCenter for Education, "Motor function house"

I experience that the pupil is calmer while using Inimove. Inimove creates calmness in certain situations. I see a bit of the same effect when using Ipad, where she is stimulated, reaches a stage of calmness, focus, and quietly remains seated.

First grade teacher at Virum Skole

The users can feel it is working well, it is fun, and challenging

Katja NielsenOccupational therapist

According to the user, it had been fun to have Inimove at home. He had kept on training; he felt challenged and was able to focus more on his hand. He had been able to sit and compete with himself – which required a certain level of technique and small calm movements.

Lykke KjærOccupational therapist

If the others can do it, so can I!


Katja NielsenOccupational therapist

Inimove place high demands on concentration and also tests the student’s attention and coordination. I saw that the troubled students channeled their verbal and physical unrest into the tool and managed at the same time to keep some attention to teaching.


MariaOccupational therapist

I experience that the pupil is less verbally active as she directs her focus to the Inimove tool, thereby talking less loud and in general creates less noise than without the Inimove tool.

First grade teacher at Virum Skole

I experience that Inimove in some situations have helped the student to sit still and concentrate.


AnneliFirst grade teacher at Virum Skole

Testimonials by customers:

I train up to one hour per day with Inimove Snake 16 with my functional arm. I can now invite my family to dinner without risking burning the food or serving the food cold. Moreover, I have regained some memory. I will definitely recommend Inimove to others.

Kirsten HoumannStroke patient

I think Inimove do something other than my current training equipment because I find that the tool requires both strength and balance.


BirtheStroke patient

There was no doubt amongst us who had acquired stroke, that this was a tool that could be used for rehabilitation of amongst others, fine motor skills and concentration with brain injured. This can make every-day life easier. Hence, I can warmly recommend Inimove.

Connie HansenStroke patient

So simple and yet so effective. All rehab centers and hospitals should have one.

Bodil SthaalrosStroke patient

I bought a Inimove Snake 16 for approx 2 months ago. I have trained with it every day. I got a brain damage in October 2008 after a meningitis and a stroke. Before I could knit difficult pattern, but it disappeared completely after I was hit. After I started to train with Snake 16 I could do much more. I just knit a shawl in a difficult lace pattern – I had to try several times, but for 3 months ago I would have given up trying to fix it.
I feel
I can stay focused for a longer period of time, and the food does not burn when I cook.
My balance is extremely bad, so right now I am starting to train with the Snake 16 while I stand up.
I would highly recommend Inimove to others who have had a brain damage

Hanne Vitcetz SmidtStroke patient

Inimove Snake 16 is the funniest rehabilitation tool I have tried, I should really concentrate the first couple of times. …It strengthens my muscles in the hand and arm, and it increased my concentration

Annette MølagerStroke patient

It is a great training equipment because it trains motor skills and concentration in a good way, it is not exhausting and it makes the exercise fun.

Bodil SthaalrosStroke patient

It has been a challenge to train with Inimove Complex, and I have trained more with Inimove than with regular elastic band

Swimmer with shoulder injury

I think it’s the element of competition in the training that have had the greatest impact on my training.

BirtheStroke patient

I have many friends who has taken great pleasure in their Inimove training equipment. It is so joyful, so one actually do not feel you are exercising.  In our last meeting, the Inimoves were “to blame” for the positive atmosphere that brought us closer together.

Marianne KampmannStroke patient

I feel not only that it is the arm that are trained, but also that the brain is activated when I become very anxious that it should succeed.

BirtheStroke patient

I think it has been fun to train with Inimove because of the unpredictable pattern.

MogensStroke patient

Testimonials about or from children:

I have used Inimove every day in my class, and if I one day did not used the products, my classmates did … The various Inimoves are fun in their own way, because there are many opportunities for playing.

Magnus10 years old with ADHD

My children and I use it to calm the body. Inimove is a great exercise equipment for children with concentration problems. This allows them to stay in the class room instead of being sent out for a run.

Inge VolderMother of children with ADHD

Inimove has really helped my son. When using the exercise equipment, he calms down. I would definitely recommend Inimove to others.

Lone PukgaardMother of a 9 year old boy with ADHD

With Inimove in his hand I can make my son eat breakfast. He watches TV with Inimove in one hand and the spoon in the other.

Inge VolderMother of a 7-year-old boy with ADHD and Asperger

Inimove is now sold under the brand TRUEBALANCE

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